How Social media can be used for marketing?

Social Media Marketing is a term widely uses now a day by many companies. In today’s internet Era, social media marketing get a new outlook.
The so-called promotion in the social gathering before few decades, now come up with new fashion or costume with a new name of social media marketing. In those day people were using the social gathering to talk about their activities and were doing mouth publicities. Social events like marriage function, cultural programs, sports activities and so on were used earlier by many companies to promote their products. The Verbal presentation has become obsolete now a day. The audio-visual presentation has taken a large space in today’s internet era.

Social media platform like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, google plus and so on……now become more attractive for companies to do promotions. Social media platforms help companies to attract new customers.

Let’s talk about social media marketing and how to grow your business by being socially active.

Social media platform will promote your products according to interest and taste of the customer. If someone search for apparel and he/she will start getting the advertisement for the company promoting the similar products. If you want to try, you can simply try it using google or YouTube. If you search for any recipe on you tube, you will surely get advertisement related to any recipe, even if you watch any other video.

For a big company who involved in the manufacturing of products, social medial marketing is so much helpful tool to promote their products. They hire an online marketing manager to devise strategies for their products. Their motive is to provide constant pitch about the products to their consumers. Even for small companies or growing companies, social media marketing helps a lot to attract new buyers. Small companies can do social media marketing by giving a contract to service marketing companies at lower cost.
Even for small a business social media marketing helps a lot to retain their customers as consumers change their taste and preferences very fast. In western countries, many people do a thorough search on the internet before they buy products.
Facebook covers more than 60% market share amongst all social media platform, so it can be a useful tool for companies to promote their products through Facebook. Even Twitter is also catching eyes of people to talk about people opinion about subjects. Though LinkedIn is a more professional approach, it will help companies to promote their products with more professional and sophisticated approach.
First, you need to create a page on social media platform and learn how to use it and market your products. You should post an update on social media platform twice a week and if you have a wide variety of products, you can do it every day to catch the eyes of the public.