World has fade up with global leader now. MBA School is producing thousands of business graduates every year but few become successful managers and entrepreneurs. In competitive era, it’s become quite difficult to retain skilled labor or manager in one company. For top companies, scarcity of innovator has become headache. Their intangible men powers have become tangible due to work pressure from their top managers.
It’s difficult to device new strategy every time, even innovators become sluggish to device new strategy for their company. Top market driven company is using same old mass media advertising to generate the business. They do it with the help of brand ambassadors.
Apple’s CEOs late Shree Steve Job, Jack Welch of GE, and many more put their company at top levels with their vision and enormous efforts.
In 21st century, managers need to think like CEO to put their company at top level. They should be companion to their CEO’s vision and mission of company. Intense competition, threaten from buyers and end user customers, quality and price of competitive products are becoming more and more meaningful for company to stay lively in the market.
CEO needs to think like managers in today’s competitive time. Though they are quite experienced and knowledgeable, they should gain information about market from their peers and subordinate. They need to agree with managers on win to win base situation. They can get business idea from insiders of company.
Managers at other hand become narcissist when they handle their subordinates. They are unable to infuse the vision of company’s CEO or top leader and this is the reason why they are not achieves their target or goal. They need to think like CEO to become more successful. Pass the vision and mission to your subordinates in passive ways and see the energy level of your subordinates. Give every minute detail to your immediate subordinate and see how they produce the results. Market is infinite for every company, and they should have trust on their wings. Narcissist managers can achieve success but that last only for some time. Not only that, narcissist managers never get remembers for their work. On other hand, charismatic managers leave the path of legacy for their subordinates and get remembered for long time.
To conclude, CEO and Manager should be companion for each other. They need to be supportive to each other to fulfill vision and goal of their company. Recent best example is seen last week when PM Narendra Modi’s surprice visit in cabinet canteen. There he chit chat with other Ministers as well discuss further plan for nation. Directly he is conveying his thought to his subordinate in order to get success for his “Development for All with The Help of Each Other” campaign.


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