Insecure girls in secured India!!!


Why women, girls, and baby girls are insecure in independence India? Who challenge our system? Why are they harassing women?
Let me start with my personal experience about Indian image on international market. The communication I had with my co-worker at USA, discoursed as below:-
Me: How are you, Jessie?
Jessie: I am fine chat (they used to call me!!!) and how about you?
Me: I am fine. Thanks for asking!!!
Jessie: Where you from chat?
Me: India,
Jessie: You must be kidding chat!!! You look like Spanish or European Man!!!
Me: No, I born and brought up in Gujarat, which is western part of India.
Jessie: Ohhhhh….Let me ask you something chat…….why in India women are not safe? Why they can’t work freely as like they work in USA, Canada, UK and other western culture countries?
Me: I said stop saying these, now a days we are very free cultured people and we don’t bother if our mother, sister or wife works for their career.
Jessie: Then what intuit them to harass women? Why they raped or harasses women in public and government does nothing to them?
Me: I wondered about our reputation in her mind and I had nothing to say!!!
Story starts now:
When I came back in 2009, Nirbhaya- a brave girl attacked by few boys in bus and raped her and threw her out from bus. She survived for few days in hospital and then died in hospital at Singapore. Social activists start protesting her with candle light walk at Delhi and many other metro cities. Not only that, media also supported to give punishment to all criminals, who raped her.
There are millions of women work in India to fulfill their and their families’ vision and aim. For some, it is just matter of survival. I have interviewed many of them at colleges, train, buses and public sector work place and asked them: what they seek from society? The most common answer I got hands on was: Safety, Security and Status Equality in society. (3’ S women need from India)
Again I was disturbed for many days and I recalled the incidence with rape victim Nirbhaya, Damini and many more.
Why boys and men are so silly, idiot, emotionless or senseless? What drawn them to disrespect girls or women? I think its most common debatable matter for media and social activists. But, what’s the solution we seek for them?
I will derail three ways of how we can improve life for them:
1. Role of Social Media
2. Role of Government
3. Role of oneself.
Role of Social Media: We can create awareness for them through Social media like news channel, FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. We can create awareness for women status equality in India through television shows like Satyamev Jayte. Many news channels are showing repeat incidence that is highlighted mostly in cities and towns. But they still need to cover news from small villages and town. Instead of showing advertisement for 28 to 32 minutes in their 1 hour session, they could use their time to showing criminal news history on media. So that people can stay away from them and police and government act on them seriously.
For girls and women, they shouldn’t use FB, whats app and such other application for unnecessary chat, unless, they should use it as a platform to ease communications. Stay away from chat with unknown people on FB, Yahoo and other chat station. Never chat about anything that is giving bold messages to other people. Stop sharing videos and MMS that has bold scenes and messages. Today’s youth are attracted easily from the actor and actresses they like. Instead of taking bad things from Movie and TV shows, people should take right messages from such shows.
Role of Government: Government should start fast track courts (we have but we need really active!!!) to punish criminals. We need to reform punishments for rapists, acid attackers, harassment for dowry and bribery. There must be some hardcore punishment to stop such incidences in India. The criminals and such mind set people are free because of inactive government and their laws. There should not be any bail for rapists and acid attackers. Government should take job of corrupt officers’ straight way when they found them in guilty.
Role of Oneself: Only for boys and men
– Don’t download video clips and MMS of a hot scene that disturb you or excites you!!!
– Don’t watch such scenes on television too.
– When you find any girls or women in trouble try to help them or stand with her to feel her secure and safe in public place.
– When you get wrong thought or idea about your lady co-worker, think of your working wife, sister or mother.
– Stop indulging in matter of sexy talking about any girls or women.
– Get disciplinized yourself starting from your adulthood.

I also interviewed couple of girls who stated that many a time’s people commented on her badly due to their extrovert nature. Is it wrong to be extrovert for a women or girl? Why we men or boys are taking it wrongly and start flirting with them? We also need to change our thinking for such women and girls. If women and girls give you cute smile, it doesn’t mean she wants to flirt with you or she need you as her boy friend. We started to follow such women or girls when they give you smile. That’s our senseless thinking. Can’t we take that girls or women as a joyous nature?
We are living in a world of showcase and imitation of other, specially actor, actresses, and villain and TV anchors. Many of us follow their bad things and forget about the good qualities of them.
Bad habits such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and many more become status symbol of today’s youth. Strict law on such vendors could help us to preserve our good cultures as it affects badly on the youth of our youngster India.
As I am summarizing my rough work of interviews, one more rape had happened in cab at Delhi. Shame on us and our government, that we are not being able to stop this entire nuisance. Will they have privilege of being Safe, Secure and Status equality in independence India?
All these works are my own research, not a single imaginary incidence that I found on internet. Any ways, if I hurt feelings of any one, feel free to catch me on my number and let me notice for it.
There are few victimized girls who are running charity work to help victims of acid attack and rape. Please click on following link to help them.