Cafeteria Talk: Undeniable example of MBWA

Its 1:00pm in the clock and employees of one MNC’s started walking towards cafeteria. There were gossiping about company’s performance in last financial years. Many of those were also talking about behavior of last CEO.
The company’s performance were deteriorating since last many years and turnover going down years by years even after launching of new products. Old products are not performing well due to intense competition and failed to retain market share. New products were also fail to perform and hence unable to boost up company’s turnover. Even though, they have excellent quality and affordable price, company struggling a lot to achieve expected sales in market. With the help of sales and business analyst team, marketing team working aggressively to device new strategies every quarter. Sales people and business analyst people provides information about all activities of competitors and marketing people are very fast on device strategy accordingly.
All efforts become failure to achieve devised target for company and hence employees were gossiping about their future with company. Surprisingly, company’s board of directors stepped in cafeteria with new face. All were looking towards managing directors with stunned face. All employees, whose taking lunch were stood on their respective chair and start looking towards MD.
Vice president asked helper to get him microphone for small speech. Employees were not happy due to interruption in their lunch time. This happens first time in company’s sixty years of history. VP welcomes new CEO with warm wishes and requested employees to give him big clap. VP handover microphone to new CEO after had short introduction about him.
CEO’s stepped in between all employees desk and started his talk with feeling guilty about his presence during lunch hours. He briefing about his professional experience and ups and down of his personal as well as professional life. He asked all employees to brief themselves in snap presentation.
He finished his presentation with small sentence: “life has no challenges until you find it; life has no solutions unless you make mistakes but life is alive if you live it every day.”
In conclusion, Management by walking around is the best example given by this CEO. He dictated that talk in cafeteria can bring lots of idea in when we are enjoying break time.