This article is not to criticize people of Asian origin but to make them understand what real western culture is? What we are following is not a real western culture but we are lacking many things of what western people have.
We all are more fascinated about western culture and adopting it very fast compared to other developing country people!!!
I have seen that more than 90% people adopting bad things while rests are not showing good habits to others.
What we are adopting will not solve our problems but it will make us more and more dependable. Bad habits not only killing our skills but also become responsible for spreading crimes in our society.
Smoking, Alcoholism, Divorce rate, Live in relationship, extra marital affairs all are increasing day by day as we started following western culture.
Discipline, well manners, good traffic sense, social responsibilities are those good habits of western people that we Asian are lacking or totally ignored or doesn’t want to follow.
After Uttarakhand disaster, we people should learn not to trash garbage on road. Because of clogging in sanitation line, water disposable become biggest problem of our country. We throw plastic bags, water pouches, disposable cups and papers on the road and that’s become problem for flooding in local area.
We people are zero in following good traffic sense. Unnecessary blowing horn in traffic, using bad words loudly in public, shouting and yelling with each other in public are become identity of today’s young generations.
We already converted like western people but not in terms of politeness and manners but in terms of their life style. We forget to value our culture and started living lives like western people. We people become too much self- centered that we don’t like other interfere in our lives. But, ready to jump in matters of other people in society.
Give bribe even for small work is become norms for us to fulfill our motto. By doing this we make it hard for other poor people those who can’t afford to give bribe. Young people fond of Government job and once they get it they start making money. Corruption translates in to human suffering while poor people extorted to pay bribe for many works.
India ranks 94 in 2012 (62 in 2005) on Corruption Perception Index with score of 36. The Corruption Perception Index scores countries on a scale from 0(highly corrupt) to 100(very clean).
For more information on CPI clicks:
Those who read this article tell me frankly, how many of you are Asian and don’t like corruption. Who really follow ethics both professionally as well personally.



4 thoughts on “What should young generation learn from western culture?

  1. Excellent blog.. Very thought provoking..As they say, “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”… Keep up the good work.. Good luck!!


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