White-collar Criminals in India:
The white-collar criminal term came in the picture when the political era evaluated. Political and corporate scandals are the two sides of one coin. In India starting from the time of independency to till date, there are lots of scandals bubbled in the market. Like scandals of black money of politician and the high price of oil, cereals and food products. We all know that the production of food product has increased since last twenty years because farmers are working more in their land. Together the labor works also increase and job opportunity is also increased since last few years. But when the election come the corporate people gives the bribe to politician to fight election and the party those win will work like dum hilata kutta (loyal dog) for those corporate men.
Check following link to see biggest scams in India till 2010:
Check following link to see latest scams in India:–762308665.html
Check more scams of corporate world and politicians on following link:
The black money in Swiss Bank of white-collar criminals is still a big issue for Indian public. The money they have in Swiss bank is accounted more than the money India has borrowed from World Bank. As a common man or aam janta we could not do anything about that. After all this is the entire link between political party and corporate world.
Don’t you think we all are suffering from the consequence of such big issues like inflation and downturn of Indian rupee? Who is responsible for all this scams? We are not involves in this but how to stop all this? Don’t you think it’s time to wake up and be accountable for all this action? Let’s go and demand for strict governance on all this scams to save our country.
I just want to add that now a day’s the white-collar criminal is a biggest issue for all people and this may cause serious problem for the future development of our economy. We need strong step from jury to stop all such nuisance activities of political leader.



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