BRTS towards a safe, Accessible and Efficient transport system. The detailed feasibility report was prepared by CEPT in 2005. CEPT devised plan for network of roads covering 155 kilometers in lengths for BRTS. Bus Rapid Transit System is a unique way of transportation for commuters in Ahmedabad for aam Janta or common men.
I heard lots about it after BRTS started serving people in Ahmedabad. It not only reduces the time of travel for commuters but also save their waiting time for buses or auto rickshaws at stop. I traveled in BRTS last January, first time after arrived back from USA in last November. I experienced that it reduced travel time from Maninagar to Iscon temple by half an hour. Earlier it was taking more than an hour to travel same distance and now you can reach in less than 45 minutes. Not only that it has also lessened my time of waiting for auto rickshaw to get full of passenger or waiting of AMTS at bus stop.
I know it is hurting to local traffic very largely but the reason for that could be the increase in numbers of personal vehicles on the road. The critics say that Gujarat Government has increased the traffic in city but I would say that they ease the transportation way for commuters by providing them BRTS services. They also criticize Gujarat Government by saying that Mumbai gets Monorail, while Kolkata and Delhi get Metro rail and we still Stucked at traditional way of public transportation. The data says that BRTS is excellent way of low-budget public transportation. I would also like to add that Central Government increases the burden on people by developing expensive way of public transportation in inflationary period. Lately they will increase the charge to cover up the costs and common men will have to bare price of inflation.
Ahmedabad BRTS also awarded with honors such as:
• International Award for “Sustainable Transport Award – 2010” at Washington DC, USA
• International Award for “Outstanding Innovations in Public Transportation – 2010”, Germany
• International Award for Design – “Daring Ambition Award and Knowledge and Research Award – 2011” at 59th UITP World Congress, Dubai
• National Award for “Award for Excellence in the category of Best IMTS Project – 2011” from Government of India

Finally, I would like to urge Amadavadis to commute more and more in BRTS and stop use personal mode of commute like cars to reduce the local traffic.
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