Does Emotional Intelligence really matter to become successful leader?


Many of us heard lots about emotional intelligence or emotional quotient many times in our routine life. We also read it in articles, books and news papers. What EQ’s real meaning? How does it affect outcomes of leaders?
There are several components of emotional intelligence like professional sympathy, Self-Awareness, Self Regulation, Motivation/inspiration, Empathy, social skills or corporate social responsibility.
Leader with emotional intelligence are always frank to tell their subordinates about their strengths and weaknesses. Not only that they are always analyze their own SWOT. Leaders with emotional intelligence has excellent grasp on SWOT of their employees. They sharpen their skills accordingly and also help them to improve whenever it is requires.
Professional sympathy is most identical attributes of successful leaders. In fact they know the feelings about their subordinate and work out on it effectively. Mr. Ratan Tata has been showing excellent empathy and he really care for their employees.
The most identical attribute of successful leaders is Emotional Quotient. Leaders like Shree Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Jack Welch, and Steve Jobs have millions of followers because they were able to use their EQ to build relationship and attract people.
Personal relations with family members, Manager’s relations with their subordinates, and employee’s relations with each other, all require Emotional Quotient to make relationship stronger and successful.
Self-Awareness is most crucial to attract more followers. Leaders should aware about their habits, liking and disliking to appealing people. Most successful leaders like Steve Jobs and Dhirubhai Ambani had excellent self awareness and they succeed to build the network of followers.
Self Regulated or self controlled leaders know how to control their emotions in different kind of situations. Not only that they also know what to do at what time and how to do it in public. Professional control is also key element of successful leader. They rule their emotions while they speak and show of at the time on requirements. Discipline at work is most identical individuality of self control and self regulated leader like Steve Job.
Social skill becomes crucial aspect of many organizations to getting attention in market. Many organizations have started charity to help society. Many celebrities also do charity or build charitable foundations to gain attraction in society and by that way they help people. Bill Gates investment in cancer research helps to improve way of cancer treats. Sai Annadanam is charitable foundation built up by Shree Sai temple committee showing humanity by helping poor and hungry people.
To conclude, most successful leaders have shown excellent Emotional Quotient. It is not in born talent but can acquired at any age, if you really want to become like them!!!
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Good read books on Emotional Quotient:

  1. Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ by Daniel Goleman
  2. Becoming A Resonant Leader by Annie Mckee, Richard and Fran
  3. The seven Habit of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.