While many organizations/companies fight to survive in the competitive market, organizations with differentiation strategies stay asides from their rivals. It is very useful to outperform your competitors. It not only wins over competitors but also win the trust and loyalty of stake holders and the users. Organizations have to keep constant watch on market to revise their differentiation strategies.

There are mainly five market differentiation strategies:

  1. Technology,
  2. Price/Quality,
  3. Product,
  4. Customer service differentiation, and
  5. User experience.

Organizations can use any of the listed strategy to achieve success. But it is really hard to sustain brand loyalty in today’s era. Market has become more and more competitive and customers are easily switching to another product more frequently. They are searching for cheaper and better quality products in today’s inflation period.

Apple Company becomes number one by providing technology differentiation to their customers. Think different slogan of Apple itself makes us fascinating for their products. They succeed because they invent technologies according to needs of consumers. Samsung is one of the competitive rivals of Apple around the world. Both are unique in inventing technological differentiation and win over each others.  

Price/Quality differentiation is also one of the core differentiation strategies for many companies. In USA Wal-Mart is the best example having cost competency. They offer better quality products in fewer prices that no rivals could offer to consumers. In India Nirama company fighting with many MNC’s for consumer laundry detergent products. They offer same quality laundry products in cheaper prices than their rival offers. To provide quality products in cheaper price is very difficult but they segment the consumers and win over their rivals.  

Product differentiation is the most commonly used differentiation strategies for every company. They offer unique advantage of products as compared to their rival do. Product differentiation become much difficult to execute when products reach to their maturity phase and have many rivals in the market. It is useful for company to recover their expenses once products reach to its maturity level, and for that company needs to use differentiation strategies to promote their products.

Customer service differentiation and user experience are the most widely used differentiation strategies now a day. Any company can make use of differential strategy to expand their business. Indeed, well versed marketing of any product has enormous effect on their sales. For example, Coca-cola Company effectively used differential advertise strategy for selling their product. They use celebrities of particular region to promote their product. In recent time IPL (Cricket group team) has also implant the same strategy for their publicity. Each popular sport person of a state is representing their team. Not only this but also they have combined festival Holi as their theme of advertisement. By these various ways differential strategy of marketing may useful to increase demand in the market. It is completely depend on PRO how they make eye catching methods for selling.

In short, it is not only important to invent differentiation strategies but to enforce it effectively and reinvent more frequently is also important for companies to win over their rivals. As Michael Porter said “The essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals’ do.”



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